Author’s Note: The End of Orbital Academy



I’ve added a page which I’ll update with other web serials I recommend.

Also, you can now purchase a polished and edited e-book version of the first chapter of Orbital Academy!

04/07/2014 – Why can’t I hold all these characters?!

I finally updated the Character Sheet! I’ll obviously be editing this as I go, but if you ever forget a main character, you can keep track of them all now!

03/20/2014 – Still sick, less sorrowful

Well then, the full part of chapter 7.1 is out (no promises on quality though), and here’s hoping that I can build up a backlog so that in the future, I won’t miss another update!

03/17/2014 – Sickness and sorrow!

Hello Orbital Academy fans, and welcome to the new site!

Longtime readers will notice that today’s installment of Orbital Academy is absolutely teeny-tiny, clocking in at an astoundingly small 2.6k. Sadly not quite the new-site-launch-chapter I was hoping for, but this week has seen me come down with quite the nasty flu. Worry not, I will be uploading the second half of this chapter on Thursday, March 20th, so you won’t have to wait for the full week for the resolution to this cliffhanger.

Unfortunately, thanks to the lovely sickness I’ve been fighting, little bits and pieces of the new site are still under construction, but they should be squared away quite soon! If you think I’ve missed a bug or made a typo, I’d love if you could let me know at

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