The End of Orbital Academy

Announcing the end of Orbital Academy

Hello readers! Yes, Orbital Academy will be ending with Chapter 10, which makes this most recent set (10.1, 10.2, and 10.3) the Finale!

If you’re curious about the end of Orbital Academy, why it’s ending, and about what comes next, hopefully your questions will be answered by the Frequently Asked Questions below. If you’re impatient, you can find the short-and-condensed bullet-point version of this announcement at the bottom.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What, Orbital Academy is ending NOOOOOOOOOOOO-

A. That’s actually not a question. But don’t worry, there’s still plenty to be excited about!


Q. Why is Orbital Academy ending? You haven’t resolved X, Y, and Z!

A. I’ve made the decision to wind Orbital Academy down for a variety of reasons, but the overall reason is “it’s time”. At first Orbital Academy wasn’t even meant to be a web serial, but rather a series of short stories that shared a universe. While I’ve had a lot of fun writing it, that origin, the lack of planning and plotting, and disjointed rapidfire POV switching is really starting to grind in a lot of different ways. I could force out updates until the readers hate reading it and I hate writing it, but it seems much better to take a step back and work on it a little more before continuing on.

That being said, since Orbital Academy will one day return, there WILL be some questions left unanswered, but rest assured, I’ll try to end things on a satisfying note, leaving you wanting more but not on a horrid cliffhanger or anything.


Q. Wait, you’ll continue it someday? Then why do you say “ending” instead of “going on hiatus”?

A. Mostly because when I hear a web-serial writer saying “The serial going on hiatus for an indeterminate amount of time”, I just assume that they’re never going to come back to it. I find it a little sad when a project I love is abandoned, and I don’t want readers to feel as if Orbital Academy has just been dropped. So instead of “going on hiatus”, I’m ending it. Instead of just pausing forever, I’m wrapping it up to a satisfying conclusion. Instead of saying “maybe I’ll finish it one day”, I’ll just note that I’m planning a sequel at some point, and in the meantime hope you enjoy my next serial.


Q. *Sigh*, well I guess that’s fair, I- Wait, you’re writing a new serial?

A. That’s right; for those readers who enjoy my writing, you’ll be pleased to know that I plan on starting a new web serial, Twisted Cogs!

It is the turn of the 15th Century, and the world has entered a golden age of art, invention, and architecture. This veritable renaissance of literature and learning in Europa is suddenly thrown into overdrive when a chosen few begin displaying preternatural abilities. Torn between the age’s burgeoning love of science and the dark promises of magic, Europa has become a powder-keg of clockwork and sorcery.

Elena Lucciano doesn’t care about increasing mankind’s knowledge or exploring the mysterious workings of magic. Even though she has magic potential, as is evidenced by her spirit-companion that no one else can see, Elena doesn’t have high ambitions. All she wants is for her mother to be proud of her, for her teacher to accept her, and to become the best artist in all of Italoza, content to ignore all thoughts of science and magic.

Unfortunately for Elena, the tides of invention and magic are sometimes not content to ignore those who ignore them…


Q. Eeeh that sounds alright, but I’m probably going to have to wait some huge amount of time before I can read it.

A. Okay first off, that’s not a question either. Secondly, NOPE! The first chapter of Twisted Cogs will be released on June 15th, the week after the last chapter of Orbital Academy. “No rest for the wicked”, as they say, and I (as regular readers will know) am quite wicked.


Q. “Quite wicked”? *Sigh*, this next serial isn’t going to be just non-stop sex isn’t it? I like your writing but I want a SFW serial!

A. That’s exactly what you’ll get! Given Orbital Academy’s adult nature, I’ve been strangely but pleasantly surprised at how many people read it for the characters and the story, even though they don’t actually enjoy the sex scenes at all. I love that I’ve been able to appeal to such a diverse audience, which is why the main story of Twisted Cogs will be safe for work, hovering around the PG-13 rating.


Q. Whoa whoa hold on, the sex was my favorite part! I like your writing but I want a NSFW serial!

A. That’s exactly what you’ll get! HA, weren’t expecting THAT one were ya? Don’t worry smut-loving readers, there will still be PLENTY of explicit and delicious erotica in Twisted Cog, it’ll just be safely placed behind links so that you’ll only encounter it if you WANT to encounter it. I’ve got a lot of different ideas of how to accomplish this. Sometimes the main storyline might fade to black, but smut-lovers will be able to get the gritty details of exactly what happened. At some points I might do some interlude chapters (I will not make a horrible pun, I will not make a horrible pun, I will not make a horrible-) or should I say INTER-LEWD CHAPTERS (damn it) to give you a spicy look at the world of Twisted Cogs. Whatever the method, I hope to include just as much X-rated reading as I have in Orbital Academy.


Q. Now that it’s concluded, will there be an eBook version of Orbital Academy?

A. The first three chapters, which are sort-of kind-of standalone shorts, are already available in eBook format, and you can buy them here:

[Jane’s Reputation] – [Aimee’s Competition] – [Missy’s Dilemma]

I will also be working on compiling all 30 chapters into a clean and polished 150,000+ word novel, which will be available sometime within the next year or so.

In addition, because I apparently thrive on taking on more work than I can handle, I will ALSO be compiling a completely SFW, PG-13 version of Orbital Academy, who love the sci-fi but hate the smut!


Q. I don’t want it to end! Is there any possible way I can convince you to write more?

A. Despite my excitement for Twisted Cogs and my resolve to end Orbital Academy, the fact remains that I really do like writing what my readers want to read! To that end, I will be instating a donations button, both here and on Twisted Cogs. Readers who just aren’t satisfied with the pace at which I’m writing can donate to speed me up, and at a certain threshold I will commit to writing a bonus interlude chapter. Donators will be able to choose whether their contribution goes towards an Orbital Academy or Twisted Cogs interlude, and whether they’d prefer that interlude to be SFW or NSFW. I’ll be quite transparent about both the threshold amount needed and how close we are to reaching that goal!


So to sum up:

  • Orbital Academy will come to a satisfying end, but probably won’t answer all of the questions you have.

  • A sequel to Orbital Academy will happen someday.

  • I will be working on an Orbital Academy ebook, and also a safe-for-work Orbital Academy.

  • A new serial, Twisted Cogs, starts June 15th; the week after Orbital Academy’s final chapter.

  • Twisted Cogs will update on Sundays and Wednesdays.

  • You will be able to skip Twisted Cogs sex scenes, or only read the sex scenes, or any combination thereof.

  • If you absolutely can’t stand the thought of a break from Orbital Academy, or think Twisted Cogs doesn’t update fast enough, you will be able to donate to get extra interlude chapters!

5 thoughts on “The End of Orbital Academy”

  1. How has the sfw nsfw chapters working for you? I tried that once, but no one read the sfw versions.

    With the two ebooks let me know if you need a hand with that! (and final editing.)

    Inter-lewd. I’m stealing that. Consider it ganked, repainted, the serial numbers filed off, converted to a convertible, and bouncing down the streets in front of your house.

    1. Since I consider myself an erotica writer who happens to have SFW chapters, I actually assumed that more people would read the porny ones, but surprisingly according to my stats it’s an almost perfectly even split. The number of readers who just read the smut and skip the SFW are almost exactly equal to the number of readers who read the SFW and skip the smut. It’ll probably be easier to gauge once I start getting stats on Twisted Cogs, since the two types will be split out.

      It would be amazing to have some help on the final edits, I would really appreciate that!

      Also, I am only okay with inter-lewd being stolen on the condition that you fit it out with bad-pun-spinning-rims when you bounce it down my street.

  2. Hi,
    I’m not a professional editor, but I’d like to help with editing & continuity. especially if you’d write a back story on how the Marshal got to be.

    From the Basement of the Science Building

    1. What a sweet offer!

      I’m actually in the beginning stages of the editing process as of this month, funnily enough. I’d love to hear your thoughts on anything you might’ve found or noticed! You can reach me at

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