Character Sheet

Marcus Acosta

A Rookie of Orbital Academy. While his squadmates are all unsure of themselves at times, Marcus feels he will never be confident in his abilities. Though he tries to hide his timid nature, Marcus spends most of his time worrying. Broad-shouldered despite his short height, black, and muscular, Marcus sports a mane of black dreadlocks.


Jane Appet

A Captain of Orbital Academy. Known both for her skill at flying and for taking lovers from the rookie-level classes, Appet has a cynical view of Orbital Academy’s authority. She used to display her cynicism through laziness, putting in the bare minimum she could get away with, but recently she has decided to instead apply her cynicism towards train up competent rookies.


James Auspus

General of Orbital Academy. As leader of the Academy, Auspus provides security, commanders, and flyers for the other stations in the Orbit. Although he is in his seventies, Auspus looks like a young man with black hair and a stern face. Orbital gossip speculates that he has spent a fortune on cosmetic surgery.


Tess Aricula

A Rookie of Orbital Academy. Tess is focused and grim, applying herself without question or comment to whatever problem she’s faced with. She wears her short black hair brushed over one eye.


Samantha Barnes

An Admin of Orbital Academy. Born on Orbital Pivot, trained on Orbital Basura, and working on Orbital Academy, Samantha has lived in half the orbit, but she still feels vaguely out of place. Samantha wears severe fashion and her red hair in a severe hairstyle, a relic of her training on Basura.


Bia Buramis

General of Orbital Minera. As leader of Minera, Buramis provides the other stations in the Orbit with the raw and refined materials that they need to function. Born as a miner herself, Buramis is used to working with her hands, and looks down on anyone who has led what she considers a life of privilege or unearned luxury.


Cynthia Cormorant

An Engineer of Orbital Academy. One of the “scrubs” who maintains and repairs the ships on the Orbital, Cynthia can usually be found covered in dirt and oil wherever the ships are at. Her red hair always has a bit of frizz, and her face usually has a grin.


Melissa “Missy” Dorson

A Rookie of Orbital Academy. Reserved and shy, but constantly pushing herself to come out of her shell. Her quiet nature and small stature make her easy to underestimate, but Missy pushes herself to achieve an excellence that no one would have expected. Pale, with curly brown ringlets to her shoulder, Missy has been described as ‘doll-like’ more often than she appreciates.



A synthetic human, living dual lives as the wife of General Hunter and the Chief of Information of Orbital Pivot. Her double-life is easy to maintain, since she literally has two bodies; being the General of an Orbital, her husband Hunter purchased two bodyframes for her to transfer her consciousness back and forth between at her whim. Unlike most synthetics, Errisa has fitted herself out with a wireless card that lets her download and upload to and from the Orbital’s mainframe.


Blue Core of Errisa

Originally a simple module for regulating the basics of Errisa’s life, Blue has gained her own sentience over the years. Sharing whatever body Errisa currently occupies, Blue is willing to keep to herself for the most part, unless it comes to removing the “bottleneck”, a set of restrictions placed on every synthetic human.



General of Orbital Pivot. As leader of Pivot, Hunter makes sure the other stations in the Orbit are provided with engineers, ships, and mechanical designs. General Hunter came up through the ranks of engineers and technicians, and as such he is more used to working with his hands than to delegating. Rough and grizzled with silver hair, Hunter proudly wears the effects of his many years of rough work.


Preston Kalinowski

A Rookie of Orbital Academy. Although his inappropriate humor and love of women have gotten him into trouble many times in the past, Preston couldn’t change them if he tried. A little bit arrogant and a lot snide, Preston tends to hide his intelligence with stupid jokes. Tousled blonde hair and slavic features highlight his startlingly green eyes.


Abigail Kathryn

Chief of Security for Orbital Pivot. Although trained at Orbital Academy, Kathryn’s loyalty is firmly in General Hunter’s court. Her quick thinking in matters of strategy and preparednesss have saved General Hunter’s life on multiple occasions, and she is a valued member of Orbital Pivot’s highest echelon of staff.


Edward Leftran

A Captain of Orbital Academy. In their Captain-level tests, Leftran was barely edged out by Captain Appet, causing him to fall under the cutoff for advancement. Although he graduated to Captain-level the very next year, Leftran still resents Appet for her victory.


Julia “J” Lessom

A Rookie of Orbital Academy. Where others might call it “bitchy”, Julia prefers to think of herself as “honest”. Her frank nature and brutal honesty leaves her with few friends, but she is fiercely loyal to those she does have. With golden-blonde hair and a rosy complexion, Julia resembles a fairy-tale princess…until she opens her mouth.


The Marshal

General of Orbital Basura and leader of the Orbit. Through Orbital Basura the Marshal provides synthetic humanoids to the few who are allowed to requisition them, as well as administration personnel. As the leader of the Orbit, the Marshal’s laws, or “covenants” are held as the absolute standard by which everyone must operate. The Marshal’s word on matters within the Orbit are final, and unquestionable.


Aimee “Squadpet” Nesbit

A Rookie of Orbital Academy. Energetic, irreverent, and fun, Aimee tries to enjoy life to the fullest since leaving a family that expected nothing less than excellence from her. One of the tallest of her squad, Aimee has brown skin and black hair, which she likes to wear in ponytails. Her father is a retired pilot, and her mother an Orbital Academy civvie.


Mari Poulay

General of Orbital Techrider. As leader of Techrider, Poulay is in charge of providing research and development, technicians, intelligence, and technological designs to the rest of the stations in the Orbit.


Jackson Carter Rade

A Rookie of Orbital Academy. Born with severe damage to his brain, Jackson is augmented with an experimental CPU which does most of his mental processing for him. Because of his CPU, Jackson is incredibly goal-oriented, almost to a fault. Despite what some would call handicaps, Jackson has learned to use his unique gifts to capitalize on life. His mother is in governmental rehabilitation in Orbital Minera, and his father remains unknown.


Alexandria “Alex” Spaxpor

A Rookie of Orbital Academy. Confident and a little cocky, Alex snuck some training on flight simulators before enrolling in the Academy, taking advantage of her wealthy parents’ luxury chits. Alex has olive skin and asian features, framed by long black hair.


Grant Winchest

A Captain of Orbital Academy. A seasoned veteran flyer, Winchest has an computer-augmented voicebox to replace his vocal cords, damaged on the planet’s surface.


Li Yuan

A Rookie of Orbital Academy. Full of energy and overly competitive, Li excels at anything, as long as he has fun while doing it. Li shines in activities where he can prove himself to be better than his peers, and the Academy serves to give him the perfect environment to push himself every day. Li inherited his mother’s olive skin and his father’s dark eyes, and crops his hair in a close buzz cut.



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