About Orbital Academy

Halfway between a silver moon and a green tinged planet, five space stations hang in orbit. The men and women who man those orbitals live a life in constant danger, both from the threats of the dangerous planet below, and from each other. Orbital Academy follows the lives of some of those men and women, their highs and lows, trials and tribulations. It also follows their sex lives.

Orbital Academy is a web serial, which means a new chapter is released Monday of every week. Although there is a lot of story and character in this serial, there is also a lot of explicit sexual content. Viewer discretion is advised.


About Maddison Rose

I am a web developer who moonlights as an erotica scifi and fantasy author. While I will soon be publishing short stories at most major ebook retailers, Orbital Academy will always hold a special place in my heart, since it is the first work that I’ve written. You can reach me at maddirosex@gmail.com, or on reddit at /u/Maddirose.


More of Orbital Academy

The web-serial portion of Orbital Academy is and will always be free, but I also would like to reward those fans who want to show their appreciation. In the interest of giving to those fans, Orbital Academy has several ways that interested fans can get more tasty Orbital goodness!

The first Orbital Academy short is available in e-book form! Check it out here.

Every time the donations pass a certain threshold, a bonus chapter will be uploaded to the site! Donations till next chapter: $0/50

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